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OptimusxRatchet TFP by cutecat54546

this picture is a very well planed out picture, I'm glad that the characters where well planed out and drawn well. It's also done in a ...



Character plates ^^
Shallow by BBb1rd1
Kage by BBb1rd1
Note by BBb1rd1
Muzyka by BBb1rd1
Russia by BBb1rd1
Tikvah by BBb1rd1
I wanna try this out and I also want to try something new and something I do almost everyday. So i wanna try a very simple thing like this.

just link me to your own character or describe to me a character that you would like me to make and I can put something together. ^^

although it might take me a while to actually do it.

please tell me if you want traditional or digital drawing please, I can decide for myself but I would like to know which you would prefer being as it is for you.

I can put down two Character side by side if you wish me too but that will take more time too so please keep that in mind :)




BBb1rd1's Profile Picture
Bluefeather (not acutally)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
a girl in Canada who loves to draw and got enough courage to join.

loves to draw in her free time, loves to put my emotions of past experiances down onto a drawing format

And! I LOVE DOING REQUESTS!! just ask give me a source if any and then i will draw it up for you ^^ But keep in mind if i am uncomfortable with something or i don't think iit is appropiate I won't draw it but you can ask for something different

and sometimes for characters i can't think of names until like 5 pictures after the person or creature is created

i love anime mange yaoi yuri minecraft wolves cats, nearly anything that is done right.

and if people ever wanna see what i am like or whatever i have a chat room ^^:…

i love to wright storys and poems. It makes me feel like i am updating my life whenever i do wright. my wattpad proves my point ^^

music deffines who i am and what i feel at a time. i rely on my music to help me vent anything that i am feeling.

my favoret songs and randomness.
if you wanna know what i like to whatch/ listen to pick a link at random at see what kinda person i am :) :……………………………………………………………

i am even on youtube ^^... not really a big thing but if you wanna see what i do just serch up my user name: BBb1rd1

if you know any animes and don't know if i know about them comment the name and see if i do know about it ^^ i would be glad to talk to the fellow otaku ^^

i do sometimes use bases in my art work but i promise i am working on trying to draw people without the bases.

my strong suit is with traditional art and i love to put it up here but the scaner i have is a load of crap -_- but when i get either a new one or the one i get is fixed the picture quality might not be the highest it could be.

i have an amazing group of friends on here ^^

i have my brother:
my best friend: xxdubstepzangelzxx.deviantart.…
a bud i met on here:
an amazing artist:
my teddy:

if you want to follow me on tumblr here is the link to my mian blog ^^
blog :
blog : the-smallest-enderman.tumblr.c…
I will link my other one's here once I get a better Idea on what I am doing with them.

I :heart: :iconedplz: and :iconyuseiplz:


Put this on your wall if you’re a true Edward Elric fan!


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__♥ 5Ds ♥__ page if
___♥___♥___ you love
____♥_♥____ Yugioh
_____♥_____ 5Ds

Thank you all for checking out my page!
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I am active now


A dance with Kage by BBb1rd1
A dance with Kage
so this i actually referenced a profesional and omg this was amazing to draw.

It really opens up your eyes to draw something different like this and see how the body really moves.

Hope you all like it!
Cecaelia male by BBb1rd1
Cecaelia male
So i don't like this as much as I like the girl but this is still practice.

Hope you all like it!
Cecaelia Female
So i wanted to try something new and this is what i thought would be good and i think i was right.

even tho this is the first time I drew this type I really like how it looks.

Hope you all like it!
Lovely dance by BBb1rd1
Lovely dance
so this was just something nice and cute i wanted to draw

Hope you all like it!
A resting mother by BBb1rd1
A resting mother
so this is my interpitation of a female Griffin and I really like this.

Its also the last page in yet another sketchbook.

hope you all like it!

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